Link translations of existing documents

Hi all!

Is it possible to link 2 documents from the contributor interface and not the cms console as if they were both translations of the same content?


Folder en/gb/articles has articles in UK English
Folder fr/fr/articles has articles in French

I create article 1 in the UK English folder
I create article 2 in the French folder
For editorial reasons I want to have them both linked by translation id as they are going to be considered translations

Is there a way to do this without manipulating translation id’s in the cms console and any feature in the normal cms contribution interface?

Is it possible for me to create an extension to cover this feature?


Hi Pedro,

generally, once you have created the first document, if you click on the flag menu and create the second document from there, the translation id will be set correctly.

AFAIK there is no way to link previously created documents via the CMS interface.



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There’s a older (10.2) Document Translation picker on our GitHub Forge, see [1]. Maybe you’re up to revive it?




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Thank you both!

William, I was afraid that was the case because I searched in the documentation and didn’t find anything.

Jeroen, that sounds great. Am I free to take it from there and do my best or should I join a collaborator list for that project?

Hi Pedro,

Great that you want to contribute! We have a page on how to do that at [1], the gist is that you can do pull requests of course.

Note that in some cases we do have external people as collaborators for a repository, so the “no-push rights” from that page is somewhat outdated.

If you mean by “collaborator list for that project” a separate mailing list or forum, that does not exist per repo. We do issue tracking in our JIRA [2].