Localization with default locale by country and by language

Hi there – we’re working on CMS localization architecture within console and CMS.

This is for a website with multiple countries and two languages.

Goal is to have
Default content across the site (EN, ES)
Default content within a country (default language at country level)
Language specific content in a country (EN, ES)

Problem we are experiencing
Having trouble getting content to render underneath a certain path. We can get the default content to render, but providing additional routes than the primary default english do not work.

We’re probably doing something wrong in the HST. Attempting to alter locale at the HST mounting point. Here is a screen shot of the console:

I have the feeling this may need a deeper look than can be provided on a public forum. In any case, I’m not sure what you mean by “providing additional routes than the primary default english do not work.”

Hi @jasper.floor,

Thank you for responding to this.

We’re trying to apply default content across countries, and then specific content when it is different. So, for example, if we had an FAQ that was the same for 5 countries, but unique in 2 countries, we’d want to update the default, and for those 2 unique countries, update their content. We’re not looking to use translation. Content is likely to be completely unique by country.

We’re running into an issue related to locale. Getting a response of, “invalid locale.” Trying to reference the mount for the endpoint and get this response:

Here’s the reference from the console (updated from the previous one):