Failed to load default resource bundle - Invalid locale format

Hi everyone,

we are developing the website of an international company using Bloomreach.

They have got an international website that we configured with the locale en_INT.
The locale was added to /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-services/localeProviderService, to the channel in hst:sites and in the root content documents folder of the channel itself.

All the resource bundles have been translated also for the locale en_INT, but these translations are getting ignored trying to access them with:
ResourceBundleUtils.getBundle("my-resource-bundle-id", new Locale("en", "INT"))

We are aware that “INT” is not a valid region code following the ISO 3166 standard.
Is there a way to make Bloomreach recognize as a valid locale our en_INT? Or does Bloomreach demand the validation of the locale to java standard Locale class?

Thank you for the help.