Location of file attachment on Enterprise form

I am uploading a file in enterprise form. In the CMS, under Form Data section, the uploaded file name is getting displayed but unable to find the file at specified email address or filesystem.

As the default path is specified is “/tmp/hippo” I tried to find it but I did not find the uploaded file there.Can you please specify whole path so that I will check it?

So as per the https://www.onehippo.org/library/enterprise/enterprise-features/enterprise-forms/using-file-uploads.html reference, I have added the below properties at hst component:
FileUploadEnabled= true
FileUploadMethod= email
FileUploadMethod= filesystem
FileUploadDirectory= C:\Users\bharat\Desktop\Hippo_Data

I have configured the MailFormDataBehavior at eform component java class.

Can you please let me know where exactly the uploaded file gets saved?

Thanks and Regards,

I’m guessing that it could be under $CATALINA_BASE/temp/hippo.


I added above mentioned properties to send the uploaded file as an attachment through the email but in the email, I am getting file name and not the uploaded file.


Oh sorry for my misunderstanding.
I don’t know whether or not the email should include the file attachment from the form input.
You can file a ticket to get a professional help.


@Bharat Were you able to get the attachment? If yes, please advise as I am running into a similar issue where I am unable to receive the file as an attachment. It’s exact same issue you faced.