Lock container components for editors

Hello there,

I have a conceptual problem and I would like to hear if you guys eventually have a solution.
Every page has default components which have to be at a fixed position and Channel dependent. These components should not be removable or repositionable. They should only be configurable within the Experience Manager via the component parameters.
We therefore established specific container components, which are referenced by the pages, in which the components are placed by default.
The problem is that editors are able to delete these components, place other components in these containers and to reposition the components.
My question therefore is if a possibility exists to lock a container regarding the ability to add new components and delete existing ones?
Or alternatively, do you know another way to provide fixed, via parameters within the Experience Manager configurable components by default?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I have the same problem. I wish to create components that can be configured in the brXM Experience Manager using the standard UI, but not added or removed. Is this possible to do?

No, only way is to move the config outside of the workspace container.