Make a document type component a required field

Hi !
I am trying to set a document type component and the labels of type “required” so the author should not be able to save it without adding content to it. The component inside of the document type that needs to be marked “required” is of another document type. The document type has the “Required” checkbox checked but they can still save the document. How can I find a way to fix this? I’ve tried looking into the console and adding “min items” and " required" properties but still with no outcome.

PS : The required field needs to be set for a multivalue field . So we want to set a multivalue field required, but apparently only setting the field required won’t work .
@jasper.floor I know you helped me previously with a lot of other information :smiley:
Any help will be much appreciated
Thank you

I’m likely not understanding the problem correctly. I have tried to reproduce what you describe but it workd for me.

IIUC, you have a document type with a field that is a link (hippo:mirror)? It is also multiple and required? Perhaps you can share your namepace definition.