Max num items on same level

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I have a question related to cms performance. In one of our projects, I realized that one content node has a really huge number of items (same kind of documentype) under the first level (20.000). Could this configuration have some impact on performance? Do you think, is a good practice to change it and try to add some kind of new division inside this node, such as per year?

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Yes it will impact performance for sure. See

Hello Alvaro,

you are right that this impacts performance! As described on this documentation page the proposed number of items is no more than 100! And as you correctly suggested splitting the structure by year and even month and day if required is a valid and proposed approach as you can see at the end of the above-linked page.

Keep in mind before following this approach though and restructuring the content of how these documents are used so you don’t end up with broken path references all over your site. (eg. are they referenced by components, in the relative content path property of a sitemap item, queries etc.)

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PS. sorry for the duplicate

Thanks @bcanvural and @Lef_Karamoulas. We’ll work on that way.
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