Maximum number of properties per node?

We are going to track the number of unique views of an Article. We were planning on using the document GUID. Each view of the article would bump the count by 1. we are seeing approximately 120,000 article views in a day, so we would like to count each one. We were planning on creating one node for a date. However, we have ~10,000-20,000 unique articles viewed. We were planning on storing each article via GUID on that node (probably nt:unstructured, but open to suggestions). So, we are looking at having 10k-20k properties per node.

Are there any performance issues or recommendations on the maximum number of properties on a node?


I would advice against setting so many properties on a single node, it sounds very risky to me. I couldn’t find an official “limit” for this number, but with 20K properties I’d expect some performance impact. Especially regarding the bundlecache, it can cache nodes in bundles, but I don’t think it can bundle the properties of a node.

Have you see our google analytics integration? It provides you with a field for your document types where you can see hits per document. Search for “Document hits plugin” in Could that help?