Menu how to show componen


Base Info
I create base Channel (template Reference SPA)

<br-page :configuration="configuration" :mapping="mapping">
    <template v-slot="props">
        <a :href="'/')">Home1</a>
             <br-component component="menu" />
      <section class="top">
        <br-component component="top" />
      <section class="main">
        <br-component component="main" />
      <section class="right">
        <br-component component="right" />
      <section class="bottom">
        <br-component component="bottom" />
      <footer class="footer">
        <br-component component="footer" />

what should I do to be able to display the menu

another basic componenet form template Reference SPA i can show, it easy, butt i do not know how to get to menu.

I see data in {{page.value.toJSON() }} so i can create menu section but I think there is a better way