Create document with BrManageContentEditor

Hello. I’m creating this post in order to get help with some thing I’m struggling right now.

I’m working on a Bloomreach headless project using the Bloomreach SDK and I’m trying to configure the new content button for the Channel Experience.

I’ve managed to create it and show it on the component we just added, but for some reason, I’m not able to link to it (the document) once it’s created, it prompts an error. Doesn’t matter if I save it as draft o click on create. The document is saved correctly with the filled info and its status is unpublished. I need, after that, the document published and linked automatically to the component (which I think it’s the normal flow of this feature)

The fields there are a normal string and a hippo:mirror, so they should be supported by the Experience Manager.

I’m doing it with the documentation from here, and followed this example (adjusting to the things I need)

As you can see, I’m not passing content={document} because I don’t have any document in that moment (check line 10), because it’s just the empty container of the component. This is the code I have right now

I also tried adding other stuff, like the relative parameter, the parameter=“document”, and so on, but I always get the same error.

I guess I must be doing something wrong, but I don’t kwow where (or maybe I need something extra)

Thanks for your time.

EDIT: I just found this

Seems it was a known issue, but it’s not explained in the SPA documentation. Checking the comments, says there was a missing parameter, but it doesn’t specify which one. I see you commented there, so maybe you can help me @jasper.floor

The parameter is called “parameter”

``parameter Name of the component parameter in which the document path is stored.

Hi @jasper.floor

I’m not really sure about the answer and if it can be done for our case (maybe we need to change the components)
Let me explain. (I’m following the explanation of component parameter based on this page, that was linked from here, in one of the comments)

We are using dynamicComponents. The component added in the catalog, the primary is hst:componentdefinition.

I saw with the hst:containeritemcomponent, the hst:parameternames and hst:parametervalues appear, but not for the first case.

This is the console configuration I have for the dynamic component I’m trying to have it working.

And this is what I added in the FE.

Am I on the right track? I’ve made these changes but it’s still not working, prompting the same error.

Thanks for your help.

Check to see if the document you are trying to create hasn’t actaully already been created. There may be some data inconsistency.