Mix:versionable on folders or not?

I have a question:
For an other issue @machak indicated that the mix:versionable property should not be on folders in documents.
Now I checked an archetype and on the /hippo:configuration/hippo:queries/hippo:templates/new-folder/hippostd:templates/hippostd:folder the mix:versionable property is set, so new folders will have the mix:versionable set.
What is the purpose of this?
Should it or shouldn’t it be set? Removing it from folders will only be sensible if the mix:versionable property is set to false in the hippo:queries as well.

Thanks for any reaction!

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Hi Kitty,

You can read up on the mixin here:

By default, the folders are expected to have the mixin. Could you share a link to the context of Marijan’s statement? Perhaps I can provide a further explanation.

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your reaction.
The documentation explains the mixin versionable in relation to documents and not really for the folders I think.
The archetype is still confusing as already present folders do not have the mixin but newly made folders do.
The issue had to do with workflow that did not work any more after upgrading from 13 to 14, I do have a case number I can mail you, I do not know if it is a good idea to share it here.

AFAIK, folders should never have the mix:versionable mixin but only mix:referenceable mixin. No idea why mix:versionable would even be on a folder.

Regards Ard

Ok, so why does archetype contain
/hippo:configuration/hippo:queries/hippo:templates/new-folder/hippostd:templates/hippostd:folder with the mix:versionable property set to true

Hi Kitty,
I see that the mixin is added there by a hippostd-queries.yaml file in the product code base.
Using CMS console, you probably see the so-called HCM Origin for that node pointing to it.

It’s been there forever so probably not in the way, but we should clean it up I guess. On your side you can probably try to remove it and see if it causes any problems(we’re not expecting any).


FYI we have improvement issue CMS-15720 now on our side. Thanks for reporting!

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Hi @jeroen.hoffman,

Thanks as well for putting the issue on your backlog!

As it is not possible to adjust the mixin properly via bootstrap, and to make it permanent the mixin has to be removed from /hippo:configuration/hippo:queries/hippo:templates/new-folder/hippostd:templates/hippostd:folder (only manually is possible, not prefered), for now
we will not be removing the mixin from folders under content/document.

So yes, it helped to make a decision, thanks!

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