Hippo upgrade from 11.2.14 to 12.0.2

Hi Community,
we are upgrading hippo from 11.2.14 to 12.0.2.
and I’m reading through this link:
and I have some questions I hope you can answer them:
1- Will the application and development modules under repository-data module are created part of the upgrade steps? because I’ve executed the steps and the three modules weren’t created.
2- the documentation says part of CMS 12 archetype the profile without-development-data exist, again should that be done automatically when doing the upgrade because the mail pom file is not updated with these profiles :frowning_face:

I think I need to create this structure myself.
How to creare new Module (same as application or development)

Yes these ate manual jobs in the code base.
See also " Restructure the repository data modules" at https://documentation.bloomreach.com/12/library/upgrade-11-to-12/upgrade-project-files.html

You could generate a new project on 12 using the archetype, in a different folder, to see the differences in the structure.


Thank you @jeroen.hoffman, one more question please, after running the CV, I was looking through one of the nodes that I know in V12 the node location changed (filteringHtmlCleanerService)

and after the upgrade the nodes looks like this

I’m surprised that all nodes under whitelist were not preserved also the old node was not fully deleted from the old place, and why only ‘td’ is present?
and is there a list of all the nodes/properties that were created/updated/deleted in V12, I mean desired (part of the upgrade)?

I was checking what should be the correct nodes under

so upgrade basically copied filteringHtmlCleanerService which is totally wrong node… so should we through the CV output one by one and manually fix wrong nodes added/deleted/updated ?

Not sure what happened here. Did you have modifications earlier on the …cms-services/filteringHtmlCleanerService? Goal should be to not have that below …hippo:modules/htmlprocessor/hippo:moduleconfig, redo any project specifics.

Regards, Jeroen

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