Mount parameters from DaemonModule


i implemented a standard DaemonModule to manage workflow events, using this approach:

Is there a way to retrive the resolved mount based on the document fired from the event?
I’ve to do some actions that need parameters from mounts, and i don’t know how to retrive them.

Mounts parameters are store like this:

  jcr:primaryType: hst:mount
  jcr:uuid: 9805a215-cb4a-4cdb-ab73-b674db988309
  hst:homepage: root
  hst:locale: it_IT
  hst:mountpoint: /hst:brx/hst:sites/it
  hst:parameternames: [parameterName1]
  hst:parametervalues: [parameterValue1]

Thanks in advance,

no. Any document can be part of any (number) of site(s),
this can be only resolved based on user (http) request.