Get a Mount having a jcrPath

Hi, I need to get a Mount having a jcrPath, ¿Is it possible to do it?

With hstRequestContext.getResolvedMount().getMount() y have the mount for en_GB:
jcrPath=/hst:santanderbrxm/hst:hosts/dev-localhost/localhost/hst:root/customapi/superdigital/ en_GB , hostName=localhost]

But I need the mount of pt_BR language:

I have jcrPath=/hst:santanderbrxm/hst:hosts/dev-localhost/localhost/hst:root/customapi/superdigital/ pt_BR , hostName=localhost]

How can I get the mount having jrcPath?

Hi asanchez,

The HstRequestContext only contains the context of the incoming request. As you are requesting the en_GB mount, your HstRequestContext will only contain that mount. If you need to retrieve any other node in the repository you can use the JCR API.