Multilanguage ALT for images

we need to add multi-language ALT tag to images.
We have 30+ languages and we are trying to think about a solution that is easy to use for editors.

We are evaluating the following solution:
Adding multiple key-value field to image document type (key is the locale, value is the ALT tag)

It have some cons:

  • layout not very compact
  • the editor could inadvertently mess with locales

Did anyone have the same problem?
Any idea about an elegant solution?

Thank you,

You could put a key value into the alt text field, and on your template use that to get the real message from a resource bundle.

Hey Jasper,
Could you tell if there is any progress made or in the pipeline on this part from the Bloomreach side? Because the way images work haven’t changed anything in the last years. Although big features are missing like translations, workflow, dynamic resizing/scaling etc.

To come back to the original topic, I think this workaround to put multiple translations into a single document is not ideal. Since alt-text are actually something you would like to make required, although because there is no workflow, you can’t make this field required at all. In my experience, this has been an issue for years and the workaround which I think is more suited is the use of a real document type which then refers to the imageset. This document, for example ‘myproject:imagedocument’ (extending basedocument, which has workflow and translatable) will have a reference to the imageset and other meta data such as ‘source’, ‘alt-text’, ‘location’ etc. Then refer to this document instead of imagesets to make sure all meta data is available.