Need to take care of old documents, while changing attribute from textbox to dropdown

Hello All,

We have requirement to change attribute of one of the existing document, from text box (string type) to dropdown or search box.
We have to care of existing documents, we don’t want to lost the data. we want to update all old documents with new dropdown or search box and get the data as well.

is it possible with groovy script ? or is there any other option apart form manual work.

Old Document :


New Document :
with drop down:

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I think you simply change the field editor in the document type editor (a.k.a. “namespace” editor) from “String” field to a Selection field.
If you can list all available values like state/provice code for example, you can just apply the Static Dropdown. This won’t affect any real data change, but UI change only in document editor.




Hello Woonsan,

i will try this.

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