New to Bloomreach - are there any web parts/widgets anywhere for sharing for the CMS?

Currently implementing Bloomreach CMS for a large website and trying to figure out if there is a library somewhere with some pre-built functional web parts or widgets that can be re-used for creating the web pages or templates. For instance something that you can decide which part of an image would show in a banner or displayed image rather than the whole thing without pre-cropping/resizing it, uploading and displaying an image with a text blocl below it etc… I’m used to SharePoint where the out the box has a lot of prebuilt widgets for intranets and so on and plenty libraries externally that you can buy other ones from without having to code them up. Sorry if this seems like a noob question! Any help would be fab.

I don’t think there is any library like you mention. There is very little frontend prebuilt functionality available as that tends to be very specific to sites.

you can see some plugins available here:

You could take a look at the Essentials library, there are some OOTB features like Banners, Blogs etc which can help you get started. When installed they will create document types and components for you, in the CMS config. Some have Freemarker templates as well. If you’re developing a SPA we have some examples here spa-sdk/examples at main · bloomreach/spa-sdk · GitHub

@ceeras I think the best way would be to create the document type and design an UI.
While working on that, you can use EXIM plugin to bulk import content from other system to Bloomreach CMS.

Thanks Jasper - I hadnt seen this and there are a few good ones there. I think we basically need to gather requirements for each type of plugin and get them built such as the one I mention. I thought there may have been some comprehensive shared libraries out there in the Bloomreach fraternity but doesn’t look that way.

Thanks for this - its more to do with actual plugin functionality than content as we are creating teh content from scratch in the CMS.

Thanks @david.bailey - as a total noob not entirely sure what an SPA is. As I mentioned to the others think we will just need to get most of our plugins built for us as they don’t seem to exist anywhere!

SPA is technically Single Page Application, though often I hear it used for any headless set up.

Your company should consider a formal project kick-off guided by one of our professional services engineers. They can help set up your project and determine what plugins are useful to you and what you should or shouldn’t build.