Optmize images that were uploaded on the server


is there a way to access image files that were upload to the environment(not cloud) to run imagemagick script over them to reduce quality?

Also when I tried to create image variant using imageset using only quality set to good, variant file was not changed at all. Seems like it is not applied if no cropping,scaling was done. Am I missing something or is there any workarounds for that?


Regarding ImageMagick, I know of a Forge plugin (on version 13) that does it the other way around: it can be used to run a Groovy script from XM, to create variants using the installed ImageMagick. See at

Not sure about the cropping and scaling… are you uploading SVGs perhaps?
Cheers, Jeroen

I thought about that plugin but seems like it is incompatible with v14

I was trying jpgs, and it seems some kind of bug, if I leave width and height in the variant set to 0, to not crop image and select quality to good it just do nothing. Variant stays in same dimensions and size.

However if I set width constraint and height constraint to e.g. 8k pixels and leave
Upscale smaller images checkbox unchecked then when I upload smaller image, e.g. * Width:2908pixels and Height:1346pixels, it stays in same dimension but quality is reduced, so file size goes down from
File size:2.74 MB to File size:404.87 KB