Gallerymagick - resize image setting only target width


I am using gallery magick library to resize the original image.
It is working fine except some images in which I would only like to set the width to 900px and calculate the height proportionally.
If I call the method ScalrProcessorUtils.resizeImage(ContentFileObjectUtils.toFile(sourceFile), ContentFileObjectUtils.toFile(targetFile), dimension);
By passing as dimension 900x0 , I get the final image resized to 1x1

This is probably because in there is

targetHeight = Math.round((float) targetWidth * ratio);

which sets also the targetHeight to 0

Is there a more proper way to set the dimension instead of 900x0 or is there something to be fixed?

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More investigations lead me to think that this issue occours only when we have vertical images (height > width) and we want a proportional resize by passing only the width and the height to zero.

I think that I found out the issue: in ScalrProcessorUtils class of GalleryMagick library there is a static method which calls Scalr class of imgscalr library with the hardcoded Mode.AUTOMATIC mode, while it should be configurable.
In our case, it has to be Mode.FIT_TO_WIDTH

BufferedImage resizedImage = Scalr.resize(sourceImage, Method.QUALITY, Mode.AUTOMATIC, dimension.getWidth(), dimension.getHeight(), new BufferedImageOp[0]);

Can it be fixed?


Hi Flavio,

Sounds like a good improvement to change the mode somehow.
It’s a community-driven forge project. So, PRs are welcome! :wink:


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Nice digging :smile:

You’re referring to the plugin at, correct?
Class org.onehippo.forge.gallerymagick.core.command.ScalrProcessorUtils calling org.imgscalr.Scalr.resize?

There’s already some logic if (dimension.getHeight() == 0) { mode = Scalr.Mode.FIT_TO_WIDTH; } in versions 3.0.1 and 2.0.2, see

Hope this helps

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Thank you both for your answers!