Plugin releases in December, January

Hi all,

I’d like to inform you that last two months, we did some releases of plugins that have a different release cycle than the main Experience Manager product. Please see the list below and follow the links for more information.

Jeroen Hoffman

Translations Addon 4.4.0
Compatibility with Experience Manager 13.4.
A new connector, integrating with STAR translation services.

IP Filter 3.0.1
Minor bugfix release, see

OAI-PMH Provider 4.1.1 and 3.1.1
Support configuration for retrieving documents sorted by milliseconds rather than seconds.

Settings Management Plugin 3.0.0
Upgrade to XM 14

Content Export-Import 4.0.0
Upgrade to XM 14

Embargo Plugin 5.1.0
Upgrade to XM 13
Prevent false activity stream items and loggings about setting embargo.

HST Spring Security 2.1.0
Upgrade to XM 13.2 and up

Inference Rules Engine 4.0.0
Upgrade to XM 14