Plugin releases last 3 months

Hi all,

I’d like to inform you that in last couple of months, there have been multiple releases of GitHub/forge and services plugins, which have a different release cycle than the main Experience Manager product. Please see the list below and follow the links for more information.

Jeroen Hoffman

Translations Addon, latest version is 5.4.10
Send and receive document translations between Bloomreach Experience Manager and API based translation platforms.

Review /Assignment Workflow, latest version is 1.2.1
Enable the user to request a review after a document change.

Breadcrumb Plugin 4.1.0
An HST component providing a site breadcrumb.

Sitemap-v2 version 2.0.2
Extending the original sitemap plugin.

Embargo Plugin 6.0.0, upgrade to XM 14.
Put documents, assets and images under embargo, for other CMS users not to see them.