Prepare Environment for v14:: Directories

I followed the Instructions here:

According to the instruction, there are 2 tomcat directories:
/usr/local/tomcat and /opt/cms/tomcat.

According to the instructions the config files are created under /opt/cms/tomcat..
But when I start cms the config files under /usr/local/tomcat are used ( I copied them also to this place)

Sorry- I have no deep knowledge about tomcat configuration :frowning:

Hi Thomas,

The instruction is just one way of installation as an example, assuming the system administrator wants to separate the tomcat installation directory (CATALINA_HOME) and tomcat instance directory (CATALINA_BASE).
You don’t necessary have to follow the specific preference. For example, in docker container env, it is very common just to keep CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE as the same directory because they want to keep the container to have single tomcat installation and single tomcat instance anyway.
So, if it is the case or if you just want it to be simple without having to separate those for multiple instance in single machine or vm, just set both to the same directory, putting everything together. In other words, if you don’t find a good reason to separate those, feel free to use /usr/local/tomcat only and put all the configuration there.




Thats fine for me, but as I followed the instruction for separating, I would expect that the configuration under /opt/cms/tomcat/conf ist used !?

I guess the relevant place where to configure that is the right ?
This file looks like following:


Where is my mistake ?

Did you put your into CATALINA_BASE/bin?

Yes, in my case /opt/cms/tomcat/bin

After a bit of research I found, that it is not possible to set CATALINA_BASE in () !!

The CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE variables cannot be configured in the
setenv script, because they are used to locate that file.

Therefore I set the CATALINA_BASE in - and that worked!