Deployment :: Host Configuration

I changed the host configuration after the first deployment.
When deploying again to the test environment, the changes in host configuration are not here !

How does that work ??

Hi Thomas,

You need to work on the host changes on your local environment, the corresponding “yaml” file will get updated and this should be committed to your code repo. So, when whenever you deploy the distribution it stays persistently.


That is what I am trying. But unfortunately that does not work.
As described in the documentation I create a distribution with mvn -P dist , copy the archive to the test environment via scp, stop cms , unpack webapp and share, start cms

… and no host configuration :frowning:

According to the repository data should be integrated in the Archive.
I had a look insite the archive, but I could not find the relevant jar-Files :expressionless:

I figured ou myself and would like to share:

To force updating the hostconfiguration the repository has to be bootstrapped.
By default bootstrapping is disabled after first deploy. To enable bootstrapping a parameter in (which is in CATALINA_BASE Directory in my case) must be set to true.

REP_OPTS="-Drepo.bootstrap=true -Drepo.config=file:${CATALINA_BASE}/conf/repository.xml"

To get this working CATALINA_BASE must be set to correct directory (normally /opt/cms/tomcat).
As written in another post Prepare Environment for v14:: Directories the documentation (Configure the application server) is not correct. CATALINA_BASE cannot be set in - must be set in startup-skript!!

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for sharing that. We will look into improving the documentation.