Problem in loading essentials page and site page

hi friends,

I developed a hippo project in localhost, to deploy it in server environment I generated the project distribution and successfully deployed in server, cms and cms/console pages are loading fine, but essentials page is not loading i am getting the following error. Can anybody here please help me

and the second issue is site page is not loading till we login into cms and load the same page in channel, after loading site page in channel its opening in site page please help me out for this issue also

thank you…

Hello Mahesh,

essentials module is meant to be used only during development so its not included in the build.

Regarding your second problem i would check your host configuration if its correct for the according server.

Kind regards,

Hi Lef_Karamoulas thank you very much for your quick response,

ya i am sharing my host configuration from console setting have a look and find the solution



So you can either access your site from localhost:{your port} /site or create a host group like local host but with the IP that you are trying to access it from.

Kind regards

thank you very much Lef_Karamoulas

one more issue Lef_Karamoulas,

for development purpose i setup the hippo cms, console ans essentials part in server environment all are working fine but when we load cms and click on channels the default website is not showing instead its showing the following error, have a look at it and help me to solve it thank you.

Hello Mahesh,

You could have a look at this section of the configuration.

And as the error indicates i would guess there is some misconfiguration in your project. Check that your host points to a valid site, your site points to some content directory and you have configured correctly your hst configuration and channel.

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ok i will try thank you Lef…