Problem with downloading image by CMS users

Hi buddies,
When we are working with images after downloading some images in CMS, if you continue, then you will get old downloaded images instead of one you have clicked on.

I think it can be because of CMS caching mechanism, but I really don’t know how can I manage cache in CMS level.

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Hello, are you referring to downloading images from the “Images” perspective?

Hi, Yes.
Have you got any solutions for this phenomenon?

Hello, when I download images from there they are saved with the name of the image locally (in Downloads folder for example). Each image has its own name and is the correct image.

If I replace the image by uploading a new one and then re-download it, it is also correct.

Can you provide some screenshots or short video showing the issue? Thanks.

The request should be done with a cache-control:no-cache header. There may be a local cache you are running into, or even other caches between your client and the server. The server (and thus the cms) should not be caching these images for you.

Try this in a private session and explicitly turn off your browser cache.

Also, do you have any CDN configured? There could caching going on there.

Hi dear Jasper,

Thanks for your pieces of advice, I knew when we turn Browser cache off the problem will be gone.
I am looking for a nicer way to turn off browser cache or maybe preventing CMS to cache images when users working with images in UI.

Again thanks for your precious message, Best regards,

The response should have a cache-control: no-cache, no-store header. Can you check if that is the case?

Hi Jasper,
We have cache-control which is always [Cache-Control:private, max-age=31536000], but I don’t know how can I change it.

You can’t change it. That response is from the server. That would be the reason your browser is caching. I will bring this up with our engineering.

Too many thanks.

A colleague noticed you are running on localhost, which implies you are not on SaaS but on PaaS/onPrem. You could try and adjust the BinariesServlet. Perhaps you already have some customizations there?