Problem with MySQL database

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I am having a problem in the DEV development environment. To put it in context, the cms has programmed a call through Kafka in which it listens for incoming events and records in the cms if they are new. We have had a problem with the maximum capacity of the database and have changed the read and write permissions to read only. We have observed the cms and there are no cloned documents, nor large capacity files … and in the database we observe that the following table has registered up to 2 million lines, but I do not know what relationship this field has with the documents of Bloomreach. My doubt comes because I do not relate that table with the information that I keep in the cms and it comes through kafka.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

I do not understand what record is being stored since we have controlled the records that enter us and we do not understand what relationship it has with the massive load of data that is in the database.

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datastore contains all documents/images/assets…
for some more info, @woonsanko wrote a nice analysis about datastore: