Relevance DB Occupying too Much Space

Hi All,

Currently, we are using Bloomreach 12.6.9 version.
Our Relevance DB is occupying too much space. It has stored almost 22M rows within the span of 6-8 months.

Number of records in request log has reached 12.5M rows and occupied 26GB space and Visitors reached 9M rows and occupied 15GB.

Is there a way to delete/purge the data which is older than 6 months ?


Hi Yeshwanth,

Wow that’s a lot of data. The pages you are looking for are

The stores can be configured to truncate stale data. Set the property maxAgeDays to 180 so that all data older than approximately 6 months is deleted.

You might want to upgrade to Bloomreach 13.4 so that you can configure the property cleanupJobCronTrigger to specify when the truncation jobs are executed.

Thank you @michiel_eggermont