Problems with upgrading to v14


first: it does not work as it is described in the documentation. You have to add the enterprise repository and the enterprise plugin-repository.

But even with this changes it does not work. If I want to start I get this error:
Could not resolve dependencies for project org.example:myproject-essentials:war:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.onehippo.cms7:hippo-essentials-dashboard:war:14.0.2, org.onehippo.cms7:hippo-essentials-dashboard-dependencies:pom:14.0.2: Could not find artifact org.onehippo.cms7:hippo-essentials-dashboard:war:14.0.2 in hippo-maven2-enterprise (

What should I do to get the v14 running?


14.0.2 doesn’t exist yet, it’s 14.0.0-2…
Did you find this in documentation somewhere?

Thanks… :slight_smile: