Programatically leverage the RepositoryScheduler API interface

I studied the documentation about Repository Scheduler:

The documentation tells how to declare a RepositoryScheduler and a RepositoryJobInfo but not where

Can you help me with that or point me to an example where that approach is used ?


Either programatically or manually. Programitcally it can be done as explained and will have to be called somehow. Perhaps in a component, perhaps using a custom perspective. Manually it can be configured at /hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/scheduler/hippo:moduleconfig/, which is explained on the page you referenced under the heading “Configure Jobs Manually”

One example where I’ve seen it used this in the past is automatically scheduling a depublication based on a property on the document. (An event document having an end date for example). This was done in one of the workflow event hooks IIRC

But you could do this anywhere, really

ok now I understand possible use cases for programatically setting a scheduler,
thx for your response and also to @jasper.floor

Make sure you are running right version as well, there is one quite serious issue fixed in recent versions: