Projects - Restrict access to specific projects / Publishing workflow for channels

Hi again,

is it possible to restrict the access of users / groups, so that they see only defined projects? And is it possible to deny them the access to the “core” project?
What I want to achieve is that specific users are only allowed to edit but not to publish pages and if I understand it correctly there is no other workflow to achieve this at the moment.

If anyone has another idea please send me a message.

hi Peter,

In Hippo CMS, we categorize the permission base on read, write instead in workflow terms. So you can declare who can read the document, edit and publish both need write permission. Then the one who edit will be the one who publish the document.

But in case you really need this feature then you may take a look at the class and try to extend it. Contact me if you need a hand on it


yep, I need to restrict the access to the channel manager in the way I described in the post before.
So it would be perfect if you could help me.

What do you think about the idea to use the projects plugin for that workflow?