Working with a project - adding pages?


I think I already know the answer to this question but is it possible to add pages to a project in CMS as opposed to just documents?



In a limited way, yes.

Does this page provide the answer you expect?

No sorry, I meant to the “projects” in CMS not just adding a page to a channel.

Pages (just like containers and menus) belong to a channel. If you create a page in a channel that is part of a project it will only be visible in the project version of that channel. So yes, that is possible.

However a page in itself is NOT a project item that can be reviewed (accepted/rejected) individually. That is only possible for documents and channels.
What could help your reviewers is add a comment to the channel (in the channel TAB of your project). in the comment you describe what the name of the page and maybe why you created it. It’s free format. Adding comments might also be useful for other changes you made in the channel.