Query filter not working on taxonomies


the following query:

final Node scope = JcrUtils.getNodeIfExists("/content/taxonomies/news", requestContext.getSession());
final HstQuery hstQuery = HstQueryBuilder.create(scope)

doesn’t extract any result even if the scope node exists and there are subnodes of type hippotaxonomy:cateogory in the JCR.
The following query in repository instead is correctly working

Do you know why it seems that the hippotaxonomy:category nodes are filtered out?



HST needs @Node mappings for such beans to be found. You can use TaxonomyManager instead.

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Hi Flavio,

Why don’t you use Taxonomy API [1]?
And, AFAIK, the HstQuery doesn’t query compound nodes such as hippotaxonomy:category. It is supposed to search only documents.



[1] https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/concepts/plugins/taxonomy/delivery-tier.html
(See “Obtain a Taxonomy within an HST Component” section)

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Thank you,
Taxonomy Manager helped