Reading document field listed as 'multiple' in a freemarker template

Hello! I have a document that has an imagelink field that is listed as ‘multiple’, but I do not seem to find the proper article in the documentation that shows how to list each value of that multiple field in freemarker. Could you please give me some guidelines on how to do it?


if you have generated a bean for this document there should be a method like this

    @HippoEssentialsGenerated(internalName = "myproject:imagelink")
    public List<HippoGalleryImageSet> getImagelinks() {
        return getLinkedBeans("myproject:imagelink", HippoGalleryImageSet.class);

When you put that document on the request you can use it in freemarker as follows:

      <#list document.imageLinks as link>

And inbetween you have a HippoGalleryImageSet object which you can use as normal.

similar for simple properties, though they will return as an array (eg String or Calendar).