Repository checker tool to fix ItemNotFoundException


We are having a weird situation where from a rest end point we query for a list of documents, and when running through those documents with the NodeIterator there is an ItemNotFoundException thrown:

javax.jcr.ItemNotFoundException: 368a517e-ce30-466b-910f-223bf293f57b

Is it worth to try to find out if there is any inconsistency with the Repository Checker Tool or that tool is not intended for those kind of issues?


It turns out that the repository checker did a marvelous job.

To share the experience after trying a selective import from production environment to test there were lots of inconsistencies in the database.

This were in the shape of item not found exceptions and paths that referred children that apparently did not exist.

The origin of this was the fact that for the selective import process we used manual export as xml - import as xml.

Some batches were to big and hung and some other times someone restarted the environment in the middle of some of the imports causing all these inconsistences (we believe).

The Repository Checker found all these inconsistencies and fixed them. So far everything seems to be ok and we’ve been able to fix all the issues that we found so far.


good to hear you found a solution. Thanks for reporting back.