Repository keeps reverting back to a previous state

Hello! I have a problem with a project I am working on. I use a cloud instance of a MySQL database to store my content and repository in order for other people from my team to be able to access it as well. It was working pretty well for quite some time, however, recently the repository somehow reset to a previous version (which is about 2 months old) and it keeps resetting to that state when we try to write changes through the console. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this issue?

Hi Georgi,

Is this happening when you are trying to export/import anything in the console?
While doing this your console crashes? and then reset back?
please provide a little more details.


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Is your DB clustered in some way? There is nothing in BRXM that would revert the repository. I don’t think this is a corrupt index issue, but check your logs for NoSuchNodeExceptions or things of that nature. Otherwise I’d be looking to something in your cloud provider that is giving an old snapshot of your database.

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Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve managed to resolve the issue (it was a configuration mistake on our part) - we’ve imported configuration xml files from another project which caused issues with the console and led to it crashing. Auto-export was enabled at that time and some of the local files got overwritten.

Thank you for the reply! Corrupt index was part of the issue. I’ve imported a few xml configurations from another project through the console but I’ve probably messed up their indexing. I’ve managed to track down the issue and fix it.