RMI connection to HIPPOCMS using passkey


I configured a rmi connection as specified in the document below and it works fine with a username and password.

I do not want this user to have access to login to the console or the UI , hence I thought I could use the “liveuser” or other a JVM enabled user with hippo:passkey jvm:// .

final HippoRepository repository = HippoRepositoryFactory.getHippoRepository("rmi://......");
JvmCredentials credentials = JvmCredentials.getCredentials("liveuser");
session = repository.login(credentials);

However my login attempt fails with "incorrect username /password "

Is there a way i could get an rmi connection to work with a passkey or restrict a user from access to the console and UI ?

Many thanks

To login with a jvm enabled user you must run in the same JVM. This is inherently not the case when running via rmi.

also see:

Thank you very much. From the document, I understand the concept theoritically. However, Will I be able to set/unset this property for one User ?

You would need to set up domain rules to allow your user to what they want and not have the mentioned roles on the /content/documents node.

You can also mark users as system users:

so you can create a new user as a system user.

Thank you very much … The system user works well for my scenario.