Set anchor for document links

Perhaps a stupid question but I honestly couldn’t find a solution anywhere in the docs. If I add an internal link through the CKEditor I can set an anchor to link to a specific part of the page:

Unfortunately when trying to do the same for an internal link set through a mirror field on a document, I do not see the option to add an anchor, the same when setting an internal link as a parameter on a component(pickerconfiguration set to cms-pickers/documents-only).

Is there some kind of config I can set to make the anchor option appear for those fields as well?

Hi Ineke,
There’s no config to add anchor in the link picker. This field is designed to only reference a document by id (or path for component parameters).
In the HTML field there are more possibilities.

Okay clear, that’s too bad but we’ll find another solution :slight_smile:

I am now looking into extending the hst:jcrpath node to be able to set the anchor, I imagine I can do this by creating a plugin for the picker frontend and a mixin for the node but I’m having trouble finding good documentation/examples. Would you perhaps know any good docs/examples to point me in the right direction?