Show only specific documenttypes in the Experience Manager's Sitemap

We are using the new experience pages in a headless configuration. According to Experience Pages Configuration - Bloomreach Experience - Open Source CMS you can hide the experience pages from the sitemap in the experience manager. Is it possible to configure it in such a way, that the sitemap in the experience manager only shows documents of a specific document type, because now it shows all the documents in the experience folders?

We don’t have a filtering functionality like that but if your willing to create dedicated site map items, one for each document that you do want to show, it can work. Don’t know if that’s feasible for you.


Hi Jeroen, it could work that way. But that means that for each document a new sitemap item must be configured. This is not feasible, because the client does not want to be blocked, while creating and publishing content. It is now very nice that everything is dynamic and very responsive. The client is able to create an experience page, and the sitemap item is there in the experience manager. Can I do something with sitemap itemhandler or so?