Sitemap link not directing to proper component

Hi Team,

currently my blog articles are available at below below url http://localhost:8080/root/blog/2018/09/second-blog-post.html and this blog article contains the link to visit the author/writer profile at this url http://localhost:8080/root/blog/authors/hippo-essentials-author.html

But the problem, I am facing here is, even though there is a proper and seperate templates,pages, Componenets for author but still when user clicks on author profile URL, request is going to BlogComponenet instead of Author Component.

I tried to change the sitemap as well but no luck.

Please help.


It sounds like you have a sitemap item that matches which uses the blog component. You need a sitemap item that matches http://localhost:8080/root/blog/authors/hippo-essentials-author.html which attaches to an Author Component.

Hi @jasper.floor,
You are right, there is some sitemap item which matches BlogComponenet beofore the AuthorComponenet can get the request.

I tried couple of combinations to resolve this issue but looks I am doing something terribly wrongor may be I missed something.

Mean while I tried with , but I am still unable to get some point.

would you please help on below queries:
(Image given above is for clarity and belongs to Hippo 7_9 documentation,(even though this particular version of hippo is outdated but many of things available is still far better then documentation provided by latest hippo documentation, Hope Hippo guys will understand this and will make the documentation easier to understand. still Hippo documentation lacks many more thing compare to others(I guess this may be intentional as Hippo is earning money only from their Blommreach Experience and training others on same Hippo related tasks. ))
I hope there will be some better options to achieve the same without discouraging proper documentation process for community.)

  1. If we take agenda sitemap item as an example then, will agenda itself will have hst:componentconfigurationid and relativeContentPath attribute ? if yes what would be the possible value,(any example)

  2. Now same question is for sitemap item 2011 and for immediate descendant default as well. I can understand the last default will have both hst:componentconfigurationid and relativeContentPath attribute.

  3. would you please tell for below scenario what would be the value for agenda sitemap and for their descendant sitemap item.

       /agenda/2011/foo/myAgendaItem.html --> agenda/2011/_default_/_default_
       /agenda/2011/foo/bar/lux --> agenda/_any_
      /agenda/2011/foo/bar/myAgendaItem.html --> agenda/_any_.html


If you take time to read the article you’ll find examples for content mapping e.g.

news/_any_ : news/${1}
news/default/default/_any_ :news/ {1} / {2}/${3}`

same can be applied to agenda.

NOTE: editor is stripping dollar signs, see

Thanks @machak, My confusion is regarding hst:componentconfigurationid and relativeContentPath attribute. please see point 1 and point 2


Thanks All,

Looks like, I found answer to my problem. will update the solution if possible.