Some static resources couldn't be loaded

Hi all,
We’ve been using hippo for a while and we encounter following trouble: cms couldn’t load few javascrips (404, not found). They’re related to org.wicketstuff.js.ext.ExtBundle, com.onehippo.cms7.targeting.frontend.moment.MomentJsHeaderItem and com.onehippo.cms7.targeting.frontend.TargetingHeaderItem (it looks for /cms/wicket/resource/org.wicketstuff.js.ext.ExtBundle/adapter/wicket/ext-wicket-adapter-ver-1537282898000.js, for example).
The most strange thing is: it behaves like this only on our dev environment. Locally and on production server it works well. Deployment scripts are the same.
Do you have any ideas what could cause it?

Only thing I could think of would be:

What error do you get? (404 or 401/403 etc)

I’m getting 404 error.
Also tried whitelist as you suggested, but nothing changed - that files sill couldn’t be loaded.

The specific js you mention by name is an extjs script. It is packaged as a dependency in the cms application. Check and see if you have wicket-extjs-bundle-0.25.3.jar, though I can’t imagine why you would only be missing this on your dev server.

This may be some specific wicket thing, note that the resource is versioned, but it isn’t in the jar. Nor is that path the same as in the jar.

What OS are you running? You may want to check file system permissions, case sensitivity…