Static webapps resources

Hi Community

I was following this document for my localhost application deployment to test server

I am able to deployed cms and site, but I am not able to see any static webapp resources (i.e, css, js , img files) are loading .

I browser console I am getting 404 error.

So when I try to debug console I find out
in Source code I am defining

" type="text/css"/> and url is generating In Local = href="/site/webfiles/1531774224332/css/some_sample.css" In Test Server = href="/webfiles/1531774224332/css/some_sample.css"

So in test sever, I am assuming I need to configure context path for static webapp resources.

Please help me to find the location for configuration so I can solve this issue


This may be fixed through reverse proxy config, but on the virtualhost you can also set context path to false.

Still I am not sure what do you mean context path false, I was following documents and document mention about showcontextpath as false


If you read documentation provided by @jasper.floor at some point, you would read:

“Add the two Boolean properties hst:showport and hst:showcontextpath, both with value false, to the hst:root node:”

see also:

Yes I followed document , did exact same thing , but it is not solving my above issue.
In local environment it is working good but when I deployed code on Test server , I am getting issue.