SQL2 support (pretty please)


I’ve stumbled upon the following page, which explains why Hippo does not support SQL2: https://www.onehippo.org/library/development/query-the-repository.html
Especially since AEM has supported SQL2 for years now, I was quite surprised by this decision. I can also image that at some point both XPATH and SQL will no longer be supported by the JackRabbit maintainers. I hope you’ll reconsider (or have already reconsidered) this.

Additionally, I have a question: does the fact that SQL2 is currently not supported simply mean, in practice, that it’s not supported by the CMS repository web interface, or is there more to it?

Kind regards.

Hey Robin,

you should be able to use SQL2 against our repository as well, we only don’t support it since we consider xpath/sql to be more efficient.

Regards Ard