SQL versions + database availability groups

Hi all.

Our hosting provider is making a proposition for a re-design of the SQL cluster. We will probably upgrade the SQL version to 2016 or 2017 and they want to use database availability groups (for HA and DR).

As far as I can see: https://documentation.bloomreach.com/12/library/about/system-requirements.html SQL server 2016 is a valid CMS Database Server.

Our current system is running over version Hippo CMS 11 and SQL Server 2014
Do you know if our Hippo version will be able to handle this SQL version (for documentation I’ll say yes) and able to function when using database availability groups?

Thanks in advance.

We know it works with sql server 2016, we don’t know that it doesn’t work on other databases (or versions of the same). We only test on the supported db’s, what unsupported db’s do is unknown. It may well work or it may not work at all we cannot say. But you are fine with with SQL server 2016.

Thanks for your reply. We’ll proceed to inform our hosting provider.
I’ll try to update this ticket if we finally success / fail in our SQL migration.

Best regards.