To get docuemnts based on type and few parameters based on XPATH

Hi All,

I am trying to load docs based on type, few attributes or parameters with wild card entries
Ex: //element(*, cmstestpro:ProdctList)[jcr:contains(.@cmstestpro.masterid, ‘%10866824%’)]

ProdcutList is type of the doc, cmstestpro.masterid is on parameter. this master id contains name like
“10866824_sep_test_arewr”. so i want to search with %10866824%

I tried different ways, but no use. i want to use and condtion after master id.

could you please help me out with xPath quries.

thanks & regards

Looks like you better try jcr:like function, not jcr:contains. Maybe optimize performance with only the right side wildcard.