Unable to find Reference SPA Content

Unable to find Reference SPA Content

I am currently in training on step: 4.16 Exercise 6 - Render FAQ Detail Page.
4. We’re now going to use the Content component to render the detail page. Open the Sitemap and Components overlay, at the top left, and add the Reference SPA Content component to the left container. If you want, you may add another component to the right container, to make your page prettier.

The Content component it is describing is not searchable in the Components section in the Experience Manager… unsure what to do for this portion of the exercises.

If anyone could point me in the correct direction, I would be very appreciative.

Not very encouraging that nobody responded to this in the past month. I, too, am looking for the same material. Do the links to download the FE component code exist?

Hello @bbalmer the original question was addressed by us updating the Content SaaS training material on the Academy, as it was not up to date, causing some confusion. The “Content” component is not needed in the exercises anymore.

May I ask if you are following a training, and if so what is the question from the exercises you are trying to answer?


I am in this training:

Exercise 2, section 4.6 is where I am stuck.

2. On the Bloomreach Academy training material, you’ll find the files for this exercise. Copy them to the folder you just created inside your project..

I am looking for the ‘Bloomreach Academy training material’ but cannot find a reference to it anywhere.

Thank you

Hello @bbalmer can you see the files in the Downloads section at the bottom of the page?

hahahaha. i do now.


BUT currently getting an access denied message:

<Message>Access denied</Message>

403 error

Hello @bbalmer we just checked and the files should be accessible. Is it perhaps something on your machine or company network blocking access?

All good now. Thanks