Unable to read environment variable through docker file in bloomreach


My Bloomreach application is running in Kubernetes and I have 4 instances(Prod, Stagiing, QA and Dev), each instance has different cms url and that I want to read through docker deployment .yml file that required in kubernetes. For testing purpose I had added :- ENV cms_baseurl ${cms_baseurl} in docker file.
here cms_baseurl : http://localhost:8080/cms
Above will be instance specific.

This data I am not getting when my cargo run in gcp kubenetes.
In local machine this is how I am passing at run time : mvn -Psolr-integration,cargo.run -Drepo.path=./storage -Dcargo.jvm.args="-Dcms_baseurl=lp-pf1v8qxj:8080" and this is working as expected. But this is working if I pass through -Dcargo.jvm.args only.

I need above way through docker deployment, how I am doing:-
1). Creating image through : mvn -P docker.build
2). Once image create I do not run it, simply copy image location and put inside deployment file, kubernetes auto deploy it.

Note: I think I am not running my application through mvn -P docker.run that’s why unable to pass those env/system properties.

Can someone help me here how I can paas above data?.