Content Search Integration Environment Variables


I am working on configuring Bloomreach’s Content Search Integration on my local Bloomreach instance. I’ve been working off of this documentation. The documentation mentions that I need to set some environment specific variables, and from what I can tell, that is done from within the target folder of my local Bloomreach instance. However, every time we run the “mvn clean verify” command, the target folder is deleted, thus deleting any configurations I’ve made. Is there anywhere else I can store these environment variables locally so that the configurations will persist through builds? And when I move this integration to the remote environments, should I keep the configurations in the same location, or is there a better place to store them on the BR cloud?

Thank you!

you should set this within s file as documented,

Worth mentioning is that both, your site and cms (platform) contain this file. See also name additons/ changes in later versions on the top of that page.

So I should store these configuration in the target directory? This seems confusing to me as that directory is deleted each time I run “mvn clean verify”