Upgrade path from 10.2 to 12 (last release)


We would like to upgrade to the last version of Hippo CMS. We are currently working with version 10.2

Is there a direct path to do this or should the process be: upgrade 10.2 to 11 and then 11 to 12 (last release)?.

I was looking for this in the message boards but I only found topics dealing with upgrades from 10 to 11 and 11 to 12.

My guess is that we should do both but if anyone could help with his opinion on the subject it would be great.


Sorry, I skipped this documentation piece: https://www.onehippo.org/about/upgrade/bootstrap-configuration-upgrade-verifier-userguide.html

I think I have the answer there (but if by any chance anyone would share the input it would still be great :slight_smile:)

Hi Pedro,
you have to upgrade to latest 11.x and then to latest 12.x version.
Other option would be create 12.x version of your project and then move content / configuration to newly created instance by using EXIM plugin for example. You do loose all document version history this way, but it might be easier than doing incremental upgrades and verifying everything, although this depends on type of project you have.


Thanks for your input!