Upload Bynder Assets directly from the plugin

We are using Bynder as a DAM solution and we are integrating with them via the Bynder V2 plugin. ( ui-extensions/samples/bynder_v2 at master · bloomreach/ui-extensions · GitHub ).

Can we enable/make an upload button for assets from the Bloomreach Bynder plug-in?

So after pressing the Bynder assets button, in a component in the Bynder window, to have a button or option to upload assets (e.g. : PDFs).

Did anyone did this before?

Hello @alexavram97,

from the documentation page you have linked in the section “Step 1 Configure the extension in Bloomreach” in the field frontend:config you can see in the object a property called assetTypes with value [“image”].

From the Bynder documentation page here you can see the supported values [“image”, “audio”, “video”, “document”] for the previously mentioned property.

Kind regards

Hi @Lef_Karamoulas,

From what I understand from docs and from what I see in the current behaviour, assetTypes only specifies which assets can be selected from the already uploaded assets in Bynder. What I want to achieve is to have an Upload button where I can add an image.


Hello @alexavram97 , I see, thank you for explaining in more detail.

The UI you are referring to is the Bynder Compact View so this is not something influenced/developed by Bloomreach.
Looking into their documentation I don’t think uploading directly an asset from the Compact View is supported. You can try contacting Bynder support about this question in case my assumption is wrong.

Kind regards

Bynder API · Apiary can’t be used?