URL Rewriter Not Working


I’am trying to install URL Rewriter. I followed all the steps present in the below link.


But I don’t see URL Rewriter beans and dropdown in the CMS. The console shows below error:

http-nio-8080-exec-9 [RewritingManager.load:102] #0: Location /content/urlrewriter is not available, will retry

I uncommented the repo.bootstrap=true from pom.xml.

FYI, I have configured my root to be ROOT.war, is this causing any issue.

Thanks in advance.


When you install the URL Rewriter module, the bootstrap will auto create the folder under location /content/urlrewriter for you. This folder is necessary for the module working as it stored all the rewriter content.

So you need to enable repo.bootstrap=true either at your pom.xml or through JVM paramter -Drepo.bootstrap=true

Yes, I did enable bootstrap.




<!–Already defined in hippo-cms-project POM. Override here for project, if necessary–>



Is there anything else that I am missing.

Thanks again for responding.


which version are you using? and which CMS version?
URL Rewriter community is v11 compatible, for v12 see:

I am using v12.2.0 CMS. V2.1.0 Rewriter.

So basically, I cant use community version? And the only other way is to get the enterprise edition using Bloomreach Experience account?

The 11 version is available, you can take that code an make it compatible with 12. Most likely this should not be difficult. To get the official version you will need to get an Experience account.

Yes, that is enough if you run using mvn -P cargo.run